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So I have had this 1 image in my head for some time now...I wanted my kids wrapped up in a blanket, no smiles, and I thought it'd be really nice in a field or how cool would it be if I could get to some snow (wishful thinking here in Georgia).  Just so happened that we decided to go for a quick little trip to Blue Ridge (my mom has a cabin there), my oldest almost stayed home with my husband...but at last minute decided to go.  I took my camera and the blanket, no outfits that matched or anything...but with the thought of "just incase I find a good spot". 
On our way into town, out of the blue, it started heavily snowing!  We quickly turned the car around, went back to the house, tried to fix hairs, put on neutral shirts (b/c we had no clothes picked out or bought), grabbed the blanket and went right down the street.  It was the quickest photo shoot in history for my kids, as the snow was pouring down and getting hair and my camera wet...but they got in position (with a little bribing), I was the fastest shooter ever...told them what to do and they just did it...I was so proud of them!

Now, I have these awesome images to go on my wall...not just 1 like I had hoped for, but many!
Here they are...this last one is a great big canvas on my mantle.


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